Our first beer fest might be over, but we’ve a cellar full of great ales that will be making an appearance in May.

Tomorrow we’ll be kicking off the week with Big Lamp Prince Bishop’s, Thornbridge Wild Swan and Mighty Oak Oscar Wilde Mild. Later in the week we’ll be returning to a North Eastern theme with more from Jarrow Brewing, including the marvellous Rivet Catcher.

Next week you can expect to see a few specials from Thornbridge, the frightfully modish Derbyshire brewer that causes such a stir amongst the beer geeks. We’ve casks of Colorado Red (a US inspired number) and Bracia, a unique dark beer brewed partly with chestnut flour.

We’ll keep you guessing as to what else we have up our sleeve, but remember you can always find out what’s going to be on sale on a given day by following our Twitter feed (our handle is “thegunmakers”). Beer fest or not, there’s always a good pint of ale for you here, whether it be one of our two house beers (Purity Mad Goose and Woodforde’s Wherry) or one of the two guests of the moment.